Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Official Vocab Guidelines 2

Guten tag, fellow vocabulary enthusiasts! Tin Blott here. You may remember my New Year's resolution to get to grips with the inspirational poetic majesty and unrealised potential profit locked somewhere within our beloved American English language. So what word is under scrutiny today? 

Let me tell you now: the word is "inconsistent". 


Let's crack open that big book with the gold writing on the spine that I usually use to wedge my office door shut: 

inconsistent adj 1 not in agreement or accordance with it. 2 said of a single thing: having contradictory or incompatible elements in it. 3 said of a person: not always thinking, speaking, behaving, etc in accordance with the same principles; not consistent in thought, speech, behaviour, etc; changeable.

Wow! A lot of that vocabularial data is boxfresh for me, and I fully intend to take it on board, just in small packets rather than all at once. I just hope that it can somehow be as useful to you, dear readers.

Meanwhile, my latest poll has run its natural course... so it's time to come up with a new Tin Blott's: A Total Content referendum topic. Any ideas? (Currently, my thinking is to ask which pre-mixed liquor-based beverage readers would prefer to "brought back" from the 1980s, like how they've done with Wispa. Would it be Mirage or Taboo?)


  1. Hi Tin,

    I have a poll suggestion for you! Perhaps you can ask your Total Contempt fans if the latest newsletter production system is ...

    A) Fantastic and well worth cutting 40 jobs?

    B) A pile of shite that's become just as unreliable as the old one – it's PC-based and when it goes tits up there's going to be hell to pay ... hey, you've got the pension, the Bentley, the yacht, the haircare products and all the Tony Orlando albums you can eat so you don't care?

    C) The product of a man who wears a gimp mask?

  2. even a wispa would be better than the total lack of communication at the moment at our newsletter, tin. what's your view on an MD who hides in a bunker and pulls the blanket over his head? could he be worried about his wanker's bonus?

  3. It takes a rare group of executives to make the RBS board look good, but Bluesquest really do take the garibaldi. No wonder they're all in hiding Will they emerge to let the staff know what they're planning? Place your bets now,,,

  4. Thank you, blog posters! In reply to you, Anonymous: even I would Blanche DuBois at calling my blog Total Contempt, and while I have had my own problems with newsletter production systems in the past my advice remains the same ... keep your head down for as long as possible and it will all come right. Mr Nibbles: communication is at the heart of the best newsletters. The lack of same at your company bodes ill. And Burper: thank you for putting me in mind of the fine Garibaldi biscuit. Mmmm.