Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Actually, never mind the future ...

... what about the present! Tin Blott here, and the only paper on my mind in this post is wrapping paper. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I've had to reluctantly turn my thoughts away from panicked workflow restructuring and pitiless budget slashing to focus on seasonal gift ideas. If anyone was thinking of getting me a SatNav system, I should point out that I've actually had one for a couple of years. I picked up my Tom-Thom second-hand a while back and it's been with me every step of the way! We've trundled down some pretty rocky roads, narrowly avoided the odd precipice and generally just bulldozed forward, even if it hasn't always been in quite the right direction. Still, it looks like my old Tom-Thom will be good for a few years yet!

Which way will we go next, I wonder?


  1. HA HA. I actually got this joke and can confirm that Thom-THom has been a guiding force for what is happenig. But while it might be funny to ask where the company will go next, it actually influences a lot of people and their careers. this is acutally serious stuff.

  2. wat is the joke? i don't understand thomthom reference.