Sunday, 14 December 2008

I had a dream Pt 1

Hello, content fans. Tin Blott here. I wouldn't usually update this blog in the wee small hours but ... well ... I've been having some trouble sleeping. I had gone through my usual night-time routine – a sherry glass of Drambuie (and an arguably undeserved Ferrero Rocher) before changing into my freshly-pressed pajamas, then getting reassuringly tucked in alongside my faithful teddy bear Mr Rumpus. Then, just as I was drifting off, a weird kind of night terror came along and disturbed my slumber. 

What the hell do you know about newsletter publishing? hissed the terrifying demons. 

I acknowledge the importance of the bottom line, I imparted to the hellish envoys.

But do you really care about content? screamed those tenacious hellions.


Did they really know who they were dealing with?

To be continued ...


  1. When will Mr Rumpus start contributing to the Blog? It would be nice to hear some his views on newsletter publishing ...


  2. I too am intrigued by Mr Rumpus - beef up his part, please!