Tuesday, 16 December 2008

An image problem

Greetings, content followers. Apologies for the picture to your left. I've recently implemented a brand new, forward-thinking system of picture research and imaging to help consolidate my family of newsletters, but this new automated system appears to have something of a mind of its own. In a perfect world, all the pictures would be automatically prepared for the page, negating the need for any sort of human input such as passion, imagination or instincts honed over many years of experience. This would therefore streamline the whole tedious process. But whatever image I send through MAL-9000, the only thing that ever comes out the other end is this picture of a sexy robot. We printed 37 different versions of it in this morning's newsletters. To make things worse, it's not even from our own archive so we're incurring some eye-watering repro fees. This situation will not stand. There's only room for one Tin-man in this company ...

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