Monday, 22 December 2008

The Tao of Tin 2

Bonsoir, content seekers. Tin Blott here, with some more handy advice for all of those who find themselves struggling in a multidimensional media landscape which suddenly seems like shifting sand beneath their feet. Hold fast!
I put out the call for reader's questions, and was literally flooded with two responses, to which I've set my formidable Tintellect a-thinking. The first is about the severe challenges faced by all the developed world's media, so it looks like it's going to be a three-pipe problem. Let's take a look at the second, though:

To: Tinny B
From: TwoStepsHack

Tin, love the blog, keep up the excellent work. Here's the thing: I've been working at a once-major media company for many years but suddenly the future has become incredibly unclear. An enormous paradigm shift was announced that immediately created a horrifically tense atmosphere in our workplace, but after that first big shock, there's been precious little clarification of what might happen and how it will impact on my career. Should I make the best of things and be part of this brave new future, or should I just walk away when I still have some last shred of dignity intact? Please pass along my very best to Mr Rumpus. Yours, TwoStepsHack

A dilemma indeed! But what it's vital to remember is that any future is uncertain. Tomorrow you could be hit be a bus, or some scaffolding, or an asteroid. So you must do what you think is best for yourself. It sounds a little selfish, but don't feel that you should put the needs of the company first – there are already lots of executives who are paid to do just that. Like me!

Do you have a question you'd like to put to Tin? Post it in the comments below and the king of content will tackle your query in a future post, possibly after implementing further incremental change in some areas


  1. Dear Tin,

    Would you like to hire one of my ghillies? I'm downsizing operations.

    Tally ho!


  2. OMG, MDH - who dug you up? Pray tell, auld chap, what fate has befallen you these lost years? And whatever happened to that bitter and wizened titian-haired sidekick of yours?

  3. Ah, MDH! I've heard much about you. I regret that at this time our company is not in a position to take on any more staff, although a ghillie would be fairly useful round here - it's a right guddle.

    Toodle pip!