Sunday, 4 January 2009

Can't get there from here...

Hola, content orienteers! Tin Blott here. Would you credit it? Just before Christmas I was boasting that I wouldn't need a new SatNav from good old Saint Nick, because my trusty second-hand Tom-Thom was in rude health. Of course, that was exactly the time my old Tom-Thom began to start behaving in a slightly unpredictable manner. I'm used to the odd bit of rough terrain and pushing forward even when it appears to be an oppressively uphill struggle, but now it feels like the vehicle I'm nominally controlling is either going round in circles or constantly reversing into a corner. And don't get me started on the wheel-spinning. What could be the matter? What do you think? Is it time to get a new Tom-Thom to try and figure out the best way forward?


  1. Does the choice of picture mean we're looking at Mission Impossible 4??

  2. Dear dougreyscott. After the fair-to-middling box office of MI3 I would have to say it is unlikely.

    Thanks for your content!