Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Tao of Tin And Juice

Yo MTV Raps, content gangsters! It's the Notorious T.I.N. here, laying it out for you from the street, yo.

With so much drama in the H-&-T / It's kind of hard being Tin B-L-O double-T / But I, somehow, some way / Keep coming up with funky-ish content every single day / May I kick a little something for the MSPs? / And make a few ends as (yes!) I breeze through / It's two in the morning and the party remains jumping, because Mr Rumpus isn't home / There are some young ladies in the living room getting it on / They don't intend to leave until six in the morning, so what you want to do? / I've got a pocketful of Rocher and my homeboys do too.

That's absolutely correct, content fans! You find me strolling down the street, sipping on a beverage of my own creation entitled "Tin and Juice" – laid-back, yet still with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. But what's this? A reader's question!

To: Tinny B
From: HackSore

Dear Tin. Long-time reader, first-time poster. I've been committing myself to getting to grips with a new production system that my once-respected media company has implemented, and yet there are so many quirks and glitches that it's driving me and many of my colleagues up the wall. In the months before it was unveiled, this system was trailed as the wonderful solution to all our workflow and production problems and while we knew we should take such management flim-flammery with a pinch of salt, the creaking reality is still hard to take. Any thoughts? Yours, HackSore

Thanks for your question, HackSore. As a determindly old-fashioned newsletterman for over 30 years, I cannot say in good conscience that all this technical stuff is my particular forte. But any leader who aspires to be great must surround themselves with the sharpest advisors who are looking not one, not two, but three moves ahead in the chess game that is the modern newsletter business. Yes, navigating through the system to which you refer may currently seem like wading through Lyle's Golden Syrup. But imagine how much smoother things will be with 50 or so less users! En passant and checkmate, beeyatch, as my houseboy Snoop might say!

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