Monday, 12 January 2009

A trilling announcement!

Salutations, content hogs! Tin Blott here. This post is really just a tease to draw your attention to a little briefing that I intend to make on Wednesday. Now, I know that might possibly instill a smidgen of unease in some employees of my newsletter company because of announcements past, but let me attempt to "allez" any fears. 
This looming paradigm change should only affect me personally, at least in the short-term. The way I see it, there are two choices: do nothing, and risk everything and all our jobs or recognise survival requires radical solutions! So who's with me? Come on, anyone? Mr Rumpus ... ?


  1. Is your fab blog being blocked in some way within your fine organ(isation)? as my 'mate' cannot access it from his work's computer

  2. Dear Tin,

    Which of these men did more to help the workers?

  3. Tin
    Could you please come and collect a man called Ricky Martin from A&E. He accuses you of removing his cojones and shafting him, a real double whammy, which means he can't go on livin' la vida loca in the style he's accustomed to.
    Even more annoying is the wee guy who's trying to reassure him by saying we live in exciting times and to stop moaning and count his bonus instead.
    do you know these people?

  4. Are they in any way connected to two patients I admitted earlier this evening, a Bob Ruse and a Randy Spark? they were babbling incoherently while singing the old Orange Juice classic Rip It Up And Start Again, pausing only to wail "F@@@ me, we're doomed"

  5. Wrong spy, I fear. I hear Ruse and Spark are delighted, as their production rotas are now much simplified. all staff will now work for all three papers on rolling 20-hour a day shifts for 7 days a week, though staff will be allowed one taking the piss break per day.
    Boni Darlin promises a better deal for the writers, or unique content providers as they are now known. they will be allowed one shit break per day, when they write stories for the Evening Times

  6. Collapsing ad revenues? Group editor for God knows what in a tizz because you're letting all the staff go? Pagination down? Cover price up? Tin, isn't it about time you made some more people redundant? After all, the internet will ride to the rescue. Won't it?

    By the way, did you know all about Tommy Atomkinder's 'other' business when you let him out to play with the Herald? Just curious.

  7. Dear Tin

    Aren't you concerned about being strung up by your swiss curls during a wildcat strike. I would!

  8. Never fear Tin Pot, the paper must go on and there's a fine remedy to any paper woes.

    Simply add some of our wonderfull Blotting paper and all will be well.

    Yes, exciting times ahead for all in the PP (parochial press)

  9. Tommy "Two Jobs" Atomkinder is also Chairman of a company called Albagaia, Info on tyheir website describes his career as follows...
    "Had a long career with Reuters, the global information and technology group. Thomson was Global Managing Editor of the company’s 2,500-strong content division and headed sales and marketing operations and future technology visioning units."
    Why no mention of the sterling work he is doing at Newsquest.
    Perhaps you or Mr Rumpus could email him to question him on his modesty

  10. Tommy Atomkinder's uncanny resemblance to Albert Steptoe (can we have a montage please Tin?) explains the environmentally-friendly nature of his scaffy business. Dirty old man ...