Thursday, 15 January 2009

Ten questions for Tin

Buenos nochas, content gatherers. Tin Blott here, responding to a list of reader's questions that are half insightful, half impenetrable. No time to waste, let's go!

To: Tinny D
From: MDH
Dateline: 15 January 2009 00:36

1. Coke or Pepsi?
As long as it's American, I don't mind.

2. Rob Bryce or Rob Halford? (it's a leather thing).
Robbin' everyone.

3. Oasis or Blur?
Hmmm. Which one did Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants?

4. Are you into the "group" thing and does Mrs Blott know?
Group hug.

5. Tommy Atomkinder or Albert Steptoe?

6. Content or credibility?
Take a wild guess. Content, of course!

7. Boxes or no boxes?
Ask Noel Edmonds.

8. PA or India?

9. Brylcreem or Royal Crown?
The king of content must go for Royal Crown.

[Note: the tenth question was gutter journalism that didn't actually merit an answer. For shame, sir!]


  1. Dear Tinpot,
    I do hope you've made a full recovery from your recent illness and are back to your naturally rotund self.
    According to your content-themed newsletter I hear some two score content providers are to be put out to fodder. Do you have especial timothy-grass fields for such an eventuality?
    Live long and ponder

  2. Tin

    I know some of you're associates have branched out into organic lifeorm companies. I sincerely hope you are not involved with the Blott run Go to Sleep company in America.
    After all surely one needs to devote every waking hour to being content king.

  3. Zzzzzzzzz.... mumbles... Mr Rumpus!... [snort]... zzzzzz.