Thursday, 22 January 2009

The people have spoken!

Coo-ee, content slurpers! Tin Blott here, with the results of our week-long poll into how people actually like their content. There were many tantalising options, including "unique", "compelling" and "quality". In fact, the list of choices could have been much longer by including "cheap", "free" or "easily reconfigurable". But from the very start, it looked like there was only ever going to be one winner: "mint choc chip". Something about the contrast of sharp, toothpastey mint and crunchy, decadent chocolate chips seems to have struck a particular chord with A: Total Content's loyal visitors, and it would be my greatest pleasure to buy each and every one of you a generously-scooped cone, if it wasn't for the fact that we're practically running at a deficit and it's proper brass monkey weather outside.
So. Time for a new poll, to ensure my newsletter business remains up-the-pulse and on-to-date! Any suggestions? (Please keep 'em clean...)


  1. Tin
    I thought you were an honourable gentleman - with maybe just a whiff of used car salesman about you - but my goodness are times so hard that you've had to cut the earnings of the boys and girls who deliver your newsletter.

    You put up the cover price, but cunningly cut the rate of commission they earn from delivering the paper err I mean newsletter in all kinds of weather. They are paying for the increase rather than the loyal readers.

    Perhaps you can look at changing the weather as this might be easier than you changing your mind.

    Yours etc

  2. Tin,

    I seem to be stuck. Can you get me out of here?


  3. Tin,
    I fear that the mint choc chip is the only scoop your newsletter is likely to find in the coming months.

  4. Ice-cream, eh? I think a few of your minions might be partial to something from the ding-dong, Tin. I suspect there'll be plenty of nuts, a lot of squirty cream and corners of mouths being wiped when the boys get together for a bull session at Total Contempt Towers. Do let all your fans know who gags first, won't you?

  5. Tin - might I suggest some 'rather exciting' new flavours?

    Strawberry 'Ricky' Martin - florid and over-rated, Lemon' Atomkinder' Sorbet - looks sweet but rancid and past its sell-by date, and Chocolate Milne - (as in if he were he'd eat himself)

  6. Haha .... but would you really risk eating ANY of them??