Thursday, 8 January 2009

A man of wealth and taste...

G'day, content enthusiasts! Tin Blott here. I'd be the first to admit that even though I'm the Regional Managing Editor of a preeminent newsletter company, I'm still gamely getting to grips with all the nitty-gritty of the potential interconnectivity of the internet. How does one predict the ebb and flow of "traffic" and "eyeballs" and other such things? I'm starting to think it might have something to do with the waxing of the moon; while the tide of online comments may have shrunk in this nascent year, I've been bombarded with personal emails clamouring for more information about myself, my newsletter company and this very blog. Where to begin? Perhaps an "FAK" is in order...

Where did the name of my blog come from? 
How did it begin?
What are my thoughts on content?
What is my second-foremost New Year's Resolution?
How do I help people?
What guides me?

And a particularly popular kwestion:

How do I sleep?

Hope that clears things up!


  1. You look very familiar Tin ... not that anyone has seen you around much recently. are you going to blame that on your tomthom too?

  2. Hi Tin,

    Fabulous to see you looking so swish and shiny.

    One question - how DID you manage to get the unions on side?

    Last I heard, Paul Holyman was saying you were stupid while Ewan Bryce was promising to fight you - by playing possum from his foxhole.

    What's your secret to getting those pesky union prols to be so compliant? Did you have a man on the inside?

  3. Dear Tin,
    Can I ask your advice?
    I was recently appointed to a very senior role in a newsletter similar to yours and my first act was to gather all my staff together and scare seven shades of sugar out of them.
    Sadly I now find myself in a 'pants to the laundry' situation, because due to faulty Tom-Tom navigation, my leaky ship has been steered further into an iceberg of cold despair.
    I now discover that my most senior production staff have all been allowed to desert ship, leaving me with a crew that is not only mutinous but totally incapable of steering the ship to dry land. Help!
    Should I rely on Tom-Tom to guide me to safety?