Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Fiscal Year (Almost)!

Salutations, content admirers! Tin Blott here. The arrival of any New Year is an excellent chance to reflect on all that has passed in the past 12 months but one must also look to the future and attempt to nurture a sense of optimism. I must concede I do have a few concerns moving forward; notably, that the looming prospect of 2010 will put a spanner in the works as far as my trusty party-wear is concerned. After almost a decade of habitually sporting a humorous pair of anno-stating novelty glasses at any and all Hogmanay parties – such as this evening's, in which the the double-0 of my "2009" specs cunningly double as peepholes I can squint through as I type this very blog post – now I will have to find some other glitter-clad party accessory to serve as an adequate replacement for any last suffocated shred of personality. Perhaps an oversized pipe? Or a comedy moustache? 
This is also traditionally a time for resolutions, and while I'm sure you will anticipate my renewed and steadfast commitment to making content a vital priority, I also thought it might be a wise idea to consolidate my vocabulary. If words are the cornerstone of any newsletter business, then it makes sound financial sense to expand your portfolio at every opportunity. So every week, it is my intention to compellingly examine a pertinent word at length and in-depth, the better to squeeze every last drop of residual profit from its use. An exciting adventure, as I think you'll agree!

Do you have a particular word that you think Tin should analyse? Post your suggestions in the comments below and the king of content will address your submission in a future post, possibly after idly flicking through a list of job applicants and striking through troublesome names with a red Sharpie


  1. looking at the year ahead, what about 'despair' or 'surrender'? This is an awful period for newspapers and what our company is doing is only making ti worse.

  2. Tin
    Are you limiting this to just words - what about a letter AND a two-digit number?

  3. Dear ex-staffer. My intention this year is to stick with words, although I may make an exception for AK-47.

    Thanks for your content!